Advanced Bladder Cancer Treatment: Patient-Specific Expert Insights and Strategies

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The therapeutic paradigm for bladder cancer is rapidly evolving with many active treatment options now available for our patients. To help, my colleagues and I have developed an online resource for bladder cancer that I am sure you will find useful in your practice. It is simple to access our recommendations. Just following these steps:

  1. Click the Launch Tool tab below

  2. Launch the tool and use the drop-down menus to enter patient and disease characteristics as well as any known treatment history

  3. You will then get a customized treatment recommendation from me and the other program faculty listed below for your specific case

Daniel P. Petrylak, MD

Other Faculty Experts:
Matthew Galsky, MD
Matthew I. Milowsky, MD
Elizabeth R. Plimack, MD, MS
Jonathan E. Rosenberg, MD


Para entrar deve clicar no Launch tool

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